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Our D.I.Y. kits are supplied "as is" and without warranty (expressed or implied). Our standard 5 year limited warranty does NOT apply to the products supplied in the D.I.Y. kits as the application of the coatings contained therein are not performed by us. InsulAmour Wide Bay will not be held liable for, nor accountable for any pecuniary loss due to product failure resulting from misapplication, poor surface preparation or non-compliance with the instructions supplied in the D.I.Y. kit.



InsulArmour Wide Bay are specialists in water-proofing and protecting all caravans and recreational vehicles. We are experts in the application of proprietary, ultra high grade primers, sealants and coatings developed using the latest cutting-edge technology.  We also offer the highest degree of UV insulation available to help protect your investment from the harsh Australian climate and we guarantee our work. Based in Bundaberg, we service the entire Wide Bay and Burnett region of South Central Queensland.


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