For customers who prefer to save money by doing it themselves, we can provide retail D.I.Y. kits in two different sizes. InsulArmour D.I.Y. kits come with full instructions and exactly the same high quality coating products we use and trust including the clear, high-gloss UV protective top coat.

Our D.I.Y. kits will suit customers who have some experience applying two-part 

coatings, have their own application equipment and are looking

for a cost-effective solution.

InsulArmour's D.I.Y. Kits Include:
  • Safety Data Sheets (x3)

  • Comprehensive Instructions

  • Primer - Two part product

  • Base Coat - Two part product

  • Top Coat - Clear high-gloss UV protection


​The small InsulArmour D.I.Y. kit includes 2.5 litres of two-part primer, 4 litres of two-part base coat and 2 litres of protective clear high-gloss top coat. This kit provides enough coating to cover an area of approximately 15 sq metres and is suitable for treating the roof of a 19 ft caravan. Please refer to the section below covering kit sizes, quantities and coverage.

InsulArmour D.I.Y. Kit - Small





The medium InsulArmour D.I.Y. kit includes 4.5 litres of two-part primer, 8 litres of two-part base coat and 4 litres of protective clear high-gloss top coat. This kit provides enough coating to cover an area of approximately 28-30 sq metres and is suitable for treating the roof of a  30 ft caravan with some in reserve. Please refer to the section below covering kit sizes, quantities and coverage.

InsulArmour D.I.Y. Kit - Medium




We use and recommend a very aggressive double-sided adhesive Butyl based tape to completely seal joints, seams and substrate stress points. This is applied directly to the prepared surface prior to being primed and helps maintain a perfect seal while absorbing the slight movement in the substrate caused by thermal expansion and/or vibration. We can supply this tape in addition to the standard kit and in a quantity suitable for your specific project. Ask about this recommended product when you Request a Quote or via the customer Inquiry Form.

50mm Double-Sided Butyl Sealing Tape


* Partial kit replacement products can be arranged by special request (in case of damage or spillage). Contact Les at InsulArmour Wide Bay.

Kit Sizes, Quantities & Coverage

Our retail D.I.Y. Kits come in two sizes (small and medium). Each kit contains 3 coating products. The primer and base coat each come as a "pack" containing two parts (A and B). These two parts are mixed together at the time of application to form the coating. The clear gloss top coat is NOT a two-part product.

These two kits are suitable for D.I.Y. jobs such as caravan and RV roofs. Generally, the small kit is the best choice for a caravan not exceeding 19 ft (5.8 m). The small kit contains enough coating product to cover an area of approximately 15-16 sq m (when applied at the correct thickness). A 19 ft caravan has a roof area less than 14.5 sq m so the small kit is the perfect fit.

The medium kit is effectively twice the size of the small kit and is recommended for treating larger caravans. The roof of a 30 ft (9.14 m) van has an area of about 23 sq m. The medium kit contains enough product to cover an area approaching 30 sq m so is the perfect choice for big vans and RVs.


Coverage estimates presented above are approximate and are to be used as a basic guide only. Real time conditions can greatly affect the actual coverage (which could be significantly different to our quoted estimates). Weather conditions and application technique are amongst many factors influencing the realised final coverage (see below). Please make sure that you order the correct size kit for your project. It is always preferable to have product in reserve rather than not enough.

Les from InsulArmour Wide Bay will be able to advise on the correct quantities required for your project.

Application Tip

While high quality two-part coatings like these do an exceptional job of protecting surfaces in all weather extremes, care must be taken to ensure that the coating application process itself is performed within the recommended temperature and humidity conditions. Application of these coating products is not recommended when temperatures exceed 30 degrees celsius and/or humidity levels exceed 82%. For best results we recommend applying these coatings in temperatures of  between 20 and 25 degrees celsius.

To discuss your D.I.Y requirements or obtain more information please

contact Les via our Inquiry Form or call 04 0989 6244

Please note that our D.I.Y. kits contain surface coating products only and do NOT include the equipment required for the application of the coating product. You will require your own coating application and surface preparation equipment in addition to the coating products contained within the D.I.Y. kit we supply. 

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